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Lighthouse View

Immerse yourself in the Island of Gozo.  Visit every side street and alley, you never know what you might find.  This beautiful shot was taken from the back of a normal looking alley in Ghasri.  Ta' Gordan Lighthouse can be seen in the distance on top of the hill.  Although plenty of development is taking place on the island, Gozo is largely unspoilt living up to its name as a proper relaxing holiday destination.

Azure WindowThis website offers some truly outstanding property developments on the Island of Gozo.  Our main aim is to provide as much information on each project as possible.  In most cases we have included photos and detailed plans together with price lists. 

Apart from the developments highlighted in this website, Gozo Homes Real Estate offer a good number of small projects and resale property that can be found on our main website - www.gozohomes.com.

All the properties featured on this website are of very high standards.  Traditionally property in Gozo has appreciated by around eight to twelve percent yearly making them a very tempting investment opportunities. 

Apart from being excellent second homes many of these developments offer a highly luxurious lifestyle ensuring that those looking for a residence will not be disappointed.  Here you will find large spacious apartments some boasting the best views you can find on Gozo and amazing highly sought after villas for the discerning investor.

One of our clients pointed out that Gozo reminded him of how England used to be 40 years ago, with the strong family values and sense of community.  When you combine this with capital appreciation and rental potential, once you've found the spot that's right for you, you really can't go wrong. 

Purchasing Property off Plan

 Here you will find Gozo's best property developments accurately displayed together will all necessary information including prices.  In most cases visitors can download plans and layouts of the development and browse photos.

Many of the properties displayed on our website are still on plan or under construction.  The biggest advantage on buying off plan is that with a small deposit you can secure a property at today's price with only a small deposit.

Most developers will allow some kind of input from the buyer with regards to the internal layout and finishing options.  For us at Gozo Homes it is very important that our clients feel 100% happy with their choice.